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Rachele Spaletta: Embracing Life’s Journey

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Embrace Every Moment has become more than a slogan to Rachele Spaletta; it’s a mantra for a lifestyle that she has passionately and wholeheartedly embraced, one that she has bottled for safekeeping.

In July, Rachele stepped away from her 22-year career in technology sales to focus on her new role, CEO of INTERCOASTAL Wine Company. As a graduate of the University of California at Davis, Rachele developed a successful career in technology sales, and she ranked in the top 10 percent in the country. Known for creating long-lasting business relationships and paying acute attention to detail, Rachele secured and exceeded some of the highest quotas in Northern California. However, creating her own company has been a long-time dream for Rachele. “I have always searched for my passion in life and something inside of me kept waiting for something more,” she shared. 

Many moments in life are worthy of celebration, yet the concept of embracing the unconventional, everyday moments makes this particular phrase hit home for Rachele. “Special moments in life are there for the taking. They don’t have to be extravagant or life-changing to be memorable. It truly isn’t about what we are doing; it’s about who we are with that makes moments so special,” said Rachele. “I envision INTERCOASTAL VINEYARDS wine on the tables of every special event as people gather to celebrate life’s special moments! It is a dream and a passion of mine to share this message with the world. Life is a short journey, and we must embrace every moment, for we do not know what tomorrow may bring.”  

Behind the Brand
As a second-generation farmer, Mitch Spaletta, Rachele’s husband, followed in the footsteps of his father and farmed from a young age. With Rachele’s talent for sales and Mitch’s passion and expertise in farming, the couple set out to produce a premium wine brand. “As farmers, our passion begins in the field, and we are dedicated to the production of amazing wines produced from the highest-quality fruit,” shared Rachele. With no better place to start than the couple’s own backyard, they set out to craft a wine they both loved. “It was so surreal to open our refrigerator and see our own wine inside,” she added.   

In 2015, Wine Enthusiast awarded Lodi the best wine region in the world. Because the couple lived and farmed right in the heart of the wine country, it was another sign that they were headed in the right direction. 

The curves of the waterways along the couple’s vineyards near Clarksburg inspired the design of the INTERCOASTAL VINEYARDS logo. Evoking vineyards that run beside the waterways and rivers that lead to the ocean, the name became something they simply loved. The artistic design would hold a second personal meaning, as the “S” shape was the perfect way to incorporate the initial of their last name, Spaletta.  

In addition to the symbol on the label, the importance of reveling in the small, everyday moments became the driving force behind the brand. “I was at my friend Melissa’s home celebrating my birthday, and she gave me a gift wrapped in a very special box designed with beautiful, life-inspiring messages. I wanted to take the time to appreciate this special gift, so I began reading each phrase out loud. The very last inscription I read was “Embrace Every Moment.” I immediately started to cry! I said to Melissa, ‘I found it! I found it because of you,’” said Rachele. Melissa did not know Rachele had been searching for a special slogan that would really embrace the concept of her vision. “I had been waiting for this slogan to come to me. It was another sign that I had prayed for and it came to me at the most perfect time, with one of my most cherished friends. Our ability to trademark this slogan to our brand made me realize how special moments in time are, especially the everyday moments.” With that in mind, Rachele designed their 2017 white wines with “Embrace Every Moment” engraved around the capsule and screen printed on the bottles, making each one the perfect bottle of wine for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, gifts or any special occasion. 

Wet Feet and Dirty Hands
With their registered trademark and brand established, the couple began to craft their own wines. Their passion begins in the field and their dedication to the land itself shines through in their nine different varietals. Alongside his passion for farming, Mitch’s unique talent for cooking proved to be a huge asset to the couple’s new business. His refined palate for delicious flavors developed into a desire to produce wine with superior characteristics. As the farmer, he worked hand in hand with the winemaker to select premium handpicked fruit, and the result was the creation of award-winning wines.   

The couple sought out the best winemaking team and found their premium wine grape grower in the Lodi AVA. INTERCOASTAL VINEYARDS is one of the few producers in the U.S. using this particular fruit for a Rosé varietal, and the unique variation became an award-winning wine. 

Award Winners
INTERCOASTAL VINEYARDS’ first entry in a wine competition was at the 2018 California State Fair in Sacramento. With six bottles of wine submitted and all six awarded, the couple was elated. “I felt like such a little fish in a big pond,” said Rachele. “There are so many amazing bottles of wine; we were humbled to be considered among the best.” 

Their second wine competition was through the 2018 Rosé Experience, where both the 2016 and the 2017 Rosé of Pinotage were awarded medals. On a local and very personal note, INTERCOASTAL VINEYARDS took home the People’s Choice Award two consecutive years at the Lincoln Center Wine Stroll in Stockton. Most recently, the Rosé of Pinotage was awarded Best Wine of 2018 in HERLIFE Magazine’s HER Choice awards.

Membership Has Its Perks
Pulling from her background in corporate America, Rachele wanted to develop a wine club that gives back to her customers. Although INTERCOASTAL VINEYARDS does not have a tasting room yet, wine club members can embrace every moment with a flexible and highly customizable membership. With the idea to speak directly to consumers, it was important to Rachele to provide an easy, online ordering experience but with added perks designed to honor members. With her Rewards and Referrals program, wine club members can earn rewards for referrals and more. Wine club members also receive special discounts, access to limited wines, and they’re the first to know about INTERCOASTAL VINEYARDS’ unique pop-up events.

INTERCOASTAL VINEYARDS wine can be found throughout the Central Valley in local restaurants such as Komachi Sushi in Lodi, Boulevard Bistro in Elk Grove, Lucca in Mid-Town Sacramento, Dave Wong’s Chinese Cuisine, Market Tavern and Papapavlo’s Bistro & Bar in the Lincoln Center. Additional locations include the Lodi Wine & Visitor’s Center, Rinaldi’s Market in Linden and Young’s Payless IGA in Copperopolis, Lockeford and Pioneer. 

Keep an eye out for the “S” symbol and remember to celebrate life each and every day!  “Maybe it’s just a Tuesday, or maybe it’s your wedding day.  The important thing to remember is to Embrace Every Moment.” 

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