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Jackie Kromm: Bringing Inspiration and Hope to Breast Cancer Survivors

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In October, we wear pink. We wear pink for our grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends. We wear pink because each year that goes by without a cure, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and over 40,000 will lose their battle with this disease that affects nearly 260,000 men and women around the world each year. As National Breast Cancer Awareness Month begins, it’s important to remind the ones you love about routine screenings and breast health care, because wearing pink isn’t just about supporting a cause; it’s about saving lives. 

 Jackie Kromm, owner of Theadora Boutique, is one of the many people in Central Valley who have joined the fight to not only raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research, but also to help women feel beautiful and whole again after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Jackie affectionally refers to her customers who are fighting the disease as her Theadora Lovelies because they are just that: truly lovely. 

Mom of Four Seeking Adventure
After moving 15 times, one would think Jackie Kromm would be ready to cement herself to the nearest sidewalk and present a tutorial on how to cope with a husband whose job requires constant travel. She affectionally jokes that she is “still crazy in love with the man;” with four kids in tow, she took each move as an adventure. However, one of the most difficult aspects of moving, for her, was finding an occupation that would accommodate such transiency. 

“Who wants to hire and train someone who is only going to be in the position for a short period of time?” laughed Jackie. She found a flexible niche in real estate and flipping houses. “I was flipping houses before it was a thing on HGTV and I loved it,” said Jackie. But another move left her at a crossroads. “When we moved to Canada, I quickly realized that real estate was not going to be a viable option. I began searching for something to become involved with and started to get a sense of what was lacking in the town where we lived,” shared Jackie. As it turned out, the town lacked bras. “I quickly realized that there was no place to even buy a bra in my size. There was one specialty bra boutique, but that was an hour away. That’s when I knew I needed to investigate and educate myself on what women truly needed when it came to their intimate apparel, and in particular, bras.” 

Her only experience in retail was being a consumer, so she started from scratch, opening a retail boutique that sold bras, underwear and other intimates. After a short time, the boutique became hugely successful and Jackie became known for her ability to procure intimate apparel in a wide range of sizes and styles. As she refined her bra-fitting skills, the friendships she formed became a source of inspiration. “I became so humbled to be able to help so many women feel amazing and beautiful, and helping my customers find a bra that made them feel gorgeous and actually fit was something I truly loved. It was through this joy I started to think about what else I could do for women,” she shared. 

When Jackie realized there was a sincere need for women who needed bras after being treated for breast cancer, she began investigating what it meant to provide this service. She contacted a representative from a mastectomy bra line and eventually received her certification to fit and sell bras for breast cancer survivors. However, another move meant selling the boutique. 

Landing in Stockton
Purchasing Theadora Boutique in the Lincoln Center was right up Jackie’s alley. With her youngest child starting school at St. Mary’s, Jackie knew it was time to get back to what she loved: helping women feel beautiful from the inside out. Although Theadora came with a beautiful clothing line, she promptly added a bra department. “There are so many women who are not happy with their bras,” shared Jackie. “In fact, finding a bra can sometimes be a really horrible experience and that can transcend into so many different areas of our lives, both psychologically and emotionally. I really wanted to help women embrace themselves and have an honest conversation to help them
feel better.” 

By offering a wide range of brands, styles and sizes, Theadora Boutique fulfills its mission to help women feel included and welcome in an environment that is judgment free. Jackie’s goal is simple: inclusion for all with Theadora’s fashion-forward clothing and accessories from highly sought-after brands. “The thing I love best about the clothing is that the styles transcend age and demographics. I have women in their 70s wearing the same top as a young lady in her early 20s. It works because most women today know who they are and they’re not conforming to traditions of the past. 

“Women of today are confident, adventurous, nurturing, active and, most of all, they are authentic and dress according to who they are and not according to who others want them to be.” When a customer purchases clothing or a bra from Theadora, sizes are recorded and kept in a personal customer record. There’s no worry about remembering a customer’s sizes, and it provides Jackie and her team a record in case someone’s special person comes by the boutique to purchase a gift on Valentine’s Day or Christmas. 

The Bra Whisperer
As Jackie developed a customer base in Stockton, she became famous for her bra-fitting skills. She recommends that every woman should be fitted for a bra at least once a year because bodies change. “I try to get as close to perfect as possible. No one loves an ill-fitting bra! It can make a woman feel sloppy and can take away from how clothes fit, not to mention their self-esteem,” noted Jackie. Customers can schedule a free and private consultation with Jackie for a fitting in an environment that is pressure free. “There is nothing like coming in and having someone take care of you. I feel strongly about it, and if you can start at an early age and know the importance of taking care of your breasts on so many different levels, it really is my passion.” 

Theadora Boutique is one of the few stores in Central Valley that carry prosthetic bras for breast cancer patients, and Jackie takes immense pride in taking special care of those who are looking for the best service and products while battling through pre and post-surgery issues. “From beginning to end of a women’s journey, knowledge, strength and faith are paramount. Knowing what is available to make a woman feel comfortable and whole again through her journey is my true passion.” Carrying the best products available, from compression sports bras and drainage camisoles to comfortable and pretty mastectomy bras and breast forms, Theadora not only provides the goods, the boutique provides a caring, welcoming and comfortable environment for customers in the midst of a difficult time. 

Battle of the Bras
In partnership with Wine Down Wednesday, Jackie and Camille Abeldt, a nurse navigator for breast cancer patients, joined forces to create the Battle of the Bras. This annual event encourages people within the community to purchase a low-cost bra and decorate it. The bras are then auctioned off, with proceeds going to local organizations including the American Cancer Society, the Kaiser Foundation, Dignity Health and Sutter Gould to help women in the Stockton community. 

The more creative, the better, and Jackie loves seeing what people come up with each year. “My hope and dream from the onset of the Battle of the Bras event, aside from getting at least five people to come to the first one, was to make what is a serious issue lighthearted for one evening. What I didn’t anticipate was the emotional, heartfelt bra creations and the stories behind each one. They are created by survivors, sisters, mothers, daughters, husbands and sons, with a purpose to come together to share each other’s stories of love, hope, strength and conviction.”

Last year, the Battle of the Bras raised over $35,000 for breast cancer research. The goal is to raise money for breast cancer research and, above all else, develop a community of oneness. “Really, I wanted to beat the drum a little louder because there isn’t enough noise,” shared Jackie. “I’m just a small piece of the puzzle. There are survivors, nurse navigators, surgeons and so many more people who have a substantial role in this cause. We have so many amazing people in Central Valley who support this cause and make it a priority, and there are still a lot of women out there who need support.” 

Going into its fourth year, the Battle of the Bras event is taking a different approach this year by holding the event during the day, Saturday, October 13, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Lincoln Center in Stockton. Additionally, this year the Battle of the Bras is being held in conjunction with a women’s wellness expo in which professionals from various health-related areas will set up booths that provide support for wellness and a place for women and their loved ones to gain valuable information and insight on a wide variety of needs. From psychologists, OBGYNs and nutrition specialists to yoga and wellness experts, the community of Stockton is ready to kick off National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a bang. Admission to the event includes food and drink donated by Lincoln Center restaurants, Lodi wineries and Sierra Nevada beer.

As Jackie and many others within the community prepare for this year’s event, the overall theme is that the human spirit knows no bounds. “I personally think it takes passion, perseverance and a desire to create a dialogue in order to find solutions to things that need to be mended, spur growth, build awareness and, above all, encourage a sense of oneness. Whether you have cancer or not, in some small way we all share the belief that we can find a cure and by coming together for events such as Battle of the Bras, the community truly does come together, united in the fight.”

To donate to the cause, enter your bra for the event, purchase tickets and find additional information about the wellness event, visit the Theadora Boutique Facebook page, website and Instagram as well as For more information about Theadora Boutique or to schedule a complimentary consultation for a bra fitting, visit or call 209-474-7407.