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Spectacular Holiday Decorating

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Spectacular Holiday Decorating


This month, we are pleased to share with you expert holiday decorating advice from Belle’s Lodi Flower Shop and Gifts. Belle’s Lodi Flower Shop has been merchandising beautiful, collectible Christmas items for many years and has been decorating for homes and businesses for the holidays since the early ’70s. Belle has the distinction of having been the long-time, exclusive Christmas décor designer for the Charter Bank of London in downtown San Francisco.

The fireplace, decorated by Belle’s nephew, designer Erik Skogstad, features Belle’s exquisite selection of Mark Roberts Fairies, garlands and wreaths available for purchase at the store. Erik is employed as a designer at Belle’s Lodi Flower shop and is available to decorate for the holidays in your home.

Here is how Belle’s incorporates elements of design to create a spectacular display that will wow your friends and create beautiful memories for your family:

Tree: Understand the benefits of the construction of your tree if you are using an artificial tree. “People don’t understand that the small branches close to the trunk of the tree are to disguise the trunk; use them for their purpose,” notes Skogstad. Use the wired branches to hold in larger ornaments or to crimp and hold ribbon in place.

Theme: Never line up a collection on a table and call it a day. Use your collection in your décor. Here, Skogstad features designer Mark Roberts Christmas Fairies. The Queen of Bling is featured at the center of Skogstad’s display, honoring the beautiful, brave female readership of HERLIFE Magazine. She takes a seat on a lovely gold sled perched in the bough of the wreath hung above the mantel. Several other new additions to the Mark Roberts collection are shown assisting her in holiday preparations, including the sweet Ribbon Fairy, shown holding a string of lights. “Humor is important in holiday decorating. It’s supposed to be fun,” Skogstad remarks.

Scale: “Always work from big to small,” Skogstad advises. Place the larger elements of your design in place first and gradually add other elements. In a tree, start with the ribbon first. “It should flow; nothing sharp or straight should be happening.” Skogstad cascaded ribbon down the walls over the mantel, adding height to the space and working as a vertical anchor for the festive scene below.

Light: “People don’t understand how Christmas lights can make you tired. I like warm LED lights, because they aren’t hot and they don’t fatigue your eyes as much,” Skogstad says. He recommends a loose approach to lights on the tree. “They don’t have to be absolutely perfect like in the ’80s. Let go a little and you’ll enjoy it much more.”

Color: Gold and red ribbon provide contrast for the beautiful array of greenery present in this whimsical scene. Red pottery holds branches and twigs. Incorporate containers you may have at home into your holiday display, Skogstad suggests. Red berries and the gold details on the Fairies’ costumes continue the traditional color scheme with a twist of glitter and glamour.

Texture: Skogstad is a master at infusing texture into his creations. His generous use of pine sprays, berries, pine cone garland and cedar branches make an otherwise “regular” wreath and mantel come alive with richness and depth.

Symmetry: The symmetrical balance of this display gives rest to the eye of the beholder. While several elements are present in a single space, the symmetry lends order to the overall scene.

Ornaments: Skogstad suggests plugging lots of ornaments into the deeper parts of the tree, closer to the trunk so that ornaments do not appear to float only on the outer branches of the tree. He also recommends interspersing large, medium and small ornaments to create a cohesive look. “When I was a little boy, Belle would hire me to decorate her tree. She’d hand me an ornament and point to where I should place it. That’s how I first learned about moving the ornaments around the tree properly,” Skogstad recalls. HLM

For more beautiful Christmas decorating ideas, or to request their personal Christmas decorating services in your home, visit Belle’s Lodi Flower Shop and Gifts, a family-owned business since 1917, at 1420 Kettleman Lane, Lodi, or phone them at 209-369-4709.