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Design Ideas to Freshen Your Home for 2017

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With the holidays in full swing and the New Year just around the corner, it’s time to freshen up your home and look to the future. Once all the festive lights and decorations come down, how do you keep your home from feeling empty and bare? Here a few tips from the pros at Design Galleria by Valentine to get you started.

Paint and Wall Coverings
The 2017 color of the year is Poised Taupe, ushering in a feeling of warmth and balance. For the past few years the colors have been very gray and cold, but Poised Taupe is taking that gray we have been seeing everywhere and warming it up so it’s not so stark and drab. It helps strike a balance between too dark or too light and too bold or too subtle. It’s perfectly situated right in the middle to give you a warm and soft feeling you will crave once all those holiday decorations come down, while remaining neutral enough to go in any room of your home. Consult with an interior designer at Design Galleria by Valentine to help with the right tone, shade or finish for your home.

Changing your flooring can change the entire look and style of your home. New styles in tiles are oversized and rectangular; a minimum size of 12” x 24” or larger is the new norm. Tiles that look like wood can transform a cold, stark bathroom or kitchen into a warm inviting space. Area rugs, either heirloom or decorative, are a simple way to dramatically transform any room in your home. Design Galleria by Valentine has hundreds of samples and can help steer you in the right direction.

A great way to make a big impact to your home is to rotate out accessories with the seasons. This gives you the opportunity to showcase all of your collectibles, accessories and lighting a little at a time; you never get tired of anything, keeping things fresh with very little effort.

Changing out pillows and throws in a room can dramatically transform the mood of a home. Exchange chunky, cozy fall and winter throws for a lighter, smoother throw for the spring and summer. And changing pillows is an easy and quick way to alter the entire color scheme of a room with very little financial investment.

Window Coverings
Window coverings not only provide privacy and light control for your home, they can create drama vertically up a wall for big visual impact. A great way to freshen your window coverings is with reversible drapery panels, an idea our owner, Valerie Valentine, developed as an option to give your home an entirely new look as the seasons change.

New furniture, such as a new sofa, dining or bedroom set, will make the biggest impact in transforming your home. This can not only change the entire look of a room, but also the way your home functions and makes you feel. However, just changing out an end table or adding in a new ottoman can also an impact without breaking the bank. ■

If you have questions about ways we can help freshen up your home for the New Year, visit Design Galleria by Valentine’s showroom or call us at today at 916-922-2200.