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Thai Spices: A Journey of Flavorful Discovery

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When many people dine out, they are happy to order their go-to items from the menu, never varying, always staying within their cuisine comfort zone. Thai Spices is one of those restaurants that inspires one to explore and discover. The name, Thai Spices, might make one think hot, as in jalapeño or Sriracha, but at Bun Goble’s Lodi restaurant, spice simply means flavor. Colorful seasonings and ingredients such as galanga, lemon grass, and kaffir lime leaf mingle with the essences of turmeric and curry in dishes that can be ordered as either mild or spicy hot, depending on one’s personal palate. 

Bun grew up on the family farm in the Northeast region of Thailand, where her family grew rice, vegetables and herbs that she now lovingly incorporates into her cooking in her restaurant. She moved to the United States in 2001 and opened the restaurant six years later. She has worked hard and relied on her love of farming and cooking experiences to guide her. She loves having her business in Lodi and she says that the agricultural community reminds her of her homeland. Bun wants to give back to the community by making available delicious, healthy food for everyone to enjoy. “I am very grateful to the farmers and winegrowers who support my business.”

Bun’s recipes are authentic and time tested, and the ingredients are always fresh, resulting in a menu that bursts with flavor. She makes every effort to bring fresh, local produce to her tables and to use only the finest ingredients possible. “At least 90 percent of my produce is certified organic, which is very important to many of my customers these days.” She laments that it is difficult sometimes to find a healthy menu that is also packed with flavor. Eating healthy is very important to Bun, as her mom struggled with diabetes, and she wants her customers to know that she exchanges many regular ingredients with healthier choices, such as coconut sugar for processed white sugar. Bun is proud to claim an MSG- and preservative-free menu, as well as to offer a large variety of gluten-free dishes.

We know we’re in for a dining adventure as Bun loads our table with stunning starters including a traditional Thai green papaya shrimp salad and her California-style chicken avocado salad. The spicy eggplant with chicken makes a great side dish for the filet of beef and tiger prawns, Bun’s rendition of surf and turf. For those who require a more vegetarian meal, Bun promises you won’t be disappointed with her attention to providing you with the most flavorful and satisfying dishes sans meat. You won’t want to shun the dessert menu, either, when you see your neighbor’s delight at the sweet black rice cozied up to a scoop of coconut ice cream or the fresh mango with sticky sweet rice drenched in coconut cream. 

Thai Spices inspires you to experiment with flavors and try something new. “Stop in the next time you’re in the neighborhood and enjoy your favorite dish, or discover a new one,” Bun encourages. And as a bonus, the dedicated staff is attentive and knowledgeable, with Bun generally nearby to keep things running smoothly. “When you dine with us, you’re always in good hands. And please don’t miss our wine list; we have one of the finest selections of local wines in the area!” 

Whether you order the same thing every time, have it your way, mild, spicy or vegetarian, or even try something different and daring, Thai Spices will treat you to a dining experience that’s unparalleled.

Thai Spices is located in Woodlake Plaza at 2401 W. Turner Road, Suite 224, Lodi, California. Call ahead for reservations at 209-369-8424 and find the menu at

Written by: Sharon Baker