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Papapavlo’s Bistro & Bar Presents Lamb Four Ways

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“Let them eat lamb!” shouted every Greek mom ever! Papapavlo’s Bistro & Bar in Stockton serves this staple in world-class tradition, four ways! If you are among the 40 percent of Americans who have never tasted lamb, here is the skinny, literally. Lamb is the meat from young sheep, under one year of age. Lamb can be very tender; it is low in fat and contains very little marbling compared to other red meats, making it a lower-calorie food. Because of the lean qualities in lamb, the flavors, less sweet than other red meats, are earthy and rich, ideal for pairing with a dry, fruit-forward red wine. Move over, mint jelly, Papapavlo’s has done right by these dishes and there is no need to cover up the distinctive flavors.

Rack of Lamb
An impressive presentation that is surprisingly easy to prepare at home, the rack offers versatility for entertaining. Before you venture to prepare this icon of a main dish, try Papapavlo’s take on the American Rack. An American Rack weighs about two pounds versus the lighter Frenched Rack, where a few inches of meat are removed from the end of the bones. Lucky for us, Papapavlo’s serves their rack American style, where this tender piece of meat on the end of the bone can be enjoyed. The chefs at Papapavlo’s serve two double-cut chops, oven-roasted, then garnished with a cranberry port wine demi glaze served with baby red mashed potatoes, a popular dish among fine dining restaurants perfected by Greek influence of flavor and seasoning.

Loin Medallions
Starting with a whole boneless lamb loin, Papapavlo’s prepares this favorite by seasoning the meat and marinating it in olive oil and rosemary. It’s grilled to perfection, sliced into medallions, then topped with Portobello mushroom bordelaise sauce and served alongside those famous baby red mashed potatoes.

Lamb Brochettes
The boneless leg is the most versatile cut of lamb. From roasting whole to trimming into kabob meat or individual chops, this cut of meat is the leanest lamb cut. Papapavlo’s chefs prepare the brochettes from choice leg of lamb, marinated and charbroiled along with fresh mushrooms, onions and bell peppers. The kabobs are served with seasoned vegetables and rice pilaf. It’s a Greek tradition and a delicious choice.

Loin Chops
You probably have seen these beautiful T-bone chops, one of the most readily available cuts in the grocery store and butcher shop. Loin chops are tender and delicious, with their three- to four-ounce serving and eye-catching T-shaped bone that runs through the meat. Sourced from Colorado, Papapavlo’s loin chops are marinated for four to six hours, seasoned and charbroiled to perfection. Served alongside baby red mashed potatoes, these chops are a perfect introduction to the lamb novice and a favorite among experienced foodies alike.