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Néktǝr Juice Bar: A Stop on Your Journey to Living Well

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The smell of fresh fruit and vegetables crashed over my senses like a wave when I opened the door to Néktǝr Juice Bar in Lincoln Center. The excitement of this “tasting” had been building all week. I was curious to learn more about the concept, the ingredients behind the menu options and the overall health benefits of juicing. Néktǝr was buzzing with customers coming in and out for their morning juices, smoothies and bowls. The staff knew most of the customers by name and greeted everyone with smiles. My mouth watered and the anticipation grew as menu items were selected to photograph and taste. 

Owner Mark Sarale opened Néktǝr Juice Bar in Lincoln Center in March 2018. “Of all the centers I have been in over the years, nothing compares to Lincoln Center. I feel the ownership truly cares about the success of all of their tenants. The marketing team does a great job with the Lincoln Center Chronicle and their social media. The events they hold, especially the Lincoln Center Live events, are great for exposure. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of Lincoln Center,” added Mark. He also owns locations in Modesto and Roseville with three additional locations under construction in Elk Grove, Sacramento and Fair Oaks. When I asked Mark why he was attracted to the franchise, he responded, “The first Néktǝr I went to was the one in Roseville. My wife, Nikole, had heard about it from a friend. I was blown away by the smell of all the fresh vegetables and fruit and everything they had was made with natural ingredients. The store had a great vibe and the best part is, all the menu items taste incredible!”

Néktǝr Juice Bars have become a family business for Mark. “My two sons, Marcus and Julian, are very involved. Marcus runs Stockton and Julian runs Roseville and they both help out with Modesto. They will be area managers to oversee the operations once we get more stores open,” shared Mark. I got to meet Marcus the day of our tasting and I was impressed with his hands-on approach. He greeted customers by name and jumped in behind the cash register to take orders with blenders spinning behind him while he prepared menu items to photograph and gave me descriptions of each product. 

We started with two of the most popular juices, The Little Beet and The Greenie. The Little Beet was bright in color and the flavors balanced together perfectly without overpowering my senses. Made from cucumber, carrot, beet, lemon, orange and fennel, this juice was light and citrusy. The Greenie was next; I have to admit the deep green color of this juice intimidated me at first. As I tasted this brightly colored juice, I was surprised to find a sweet finish. I could taste the celery and the flavors from the greens with a hint of sweet. It was refreshing and didn’t overpower with any particular flavor; it was balanced and fresh. The Greenie is made with parsley, spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, lemon and apple. The Greenie is Néktǝr’s signature drink, packed full with all the best nutrient-rich and appetite-suppressing veggies with a touch of apple to sweeten the deal. 

We ended our tasting with one of Néktǝr’s açai bowls. The Açai Berry Banana Bowl was made with fresh fruit including açai, strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, banana and house-made cashew milk blended together and topped with hempseed granola, fresh strawberry, blueberry, banana and agave nectar. The bowl tasted like heaven and I had to confirm with Marcus that it didn’t contain dairy. I thought for sure there was a yogurt or ice cream base because it tasted like an indulgent treat. I knew with the first bite that this was not your average smoothie joint masquerading as a healthy choice. “We use nothing but fresh and natural ingredients; our smoothies and açai bowls are made with house-made cashew milk. We make our own cashew milk daily. We do not use any juice concentrates, yogurt or ice cream as any of our ingredients; it is all dairy free. We also have Skoop, which is a vegan, dairy-free ice cream made with cashew milk and sweetened with agave nectar. It tastes amazing and is only approximately 170 calories per serving,” Mark commented proudly. 

Néktǝr Juice Bars provide customers with a healthy alternative to sugary drinks packed full of artificial flavors and calories. The juices on the menu contain at least three pounds of fruit and vegetables; they are naturally anti-inflammatory and packed with vitamins and nutrients. The Néktǝr menu of juices can help customers boost immunity, improve digestion, increase energy and any and all are an easy way to get your daily recommended servings of fruit and vegetables. Whether you are taking your first steps this New Year toward a healthier lifestyle or you are already on a path to healthier living, Néktǝr can help you on the journey. “Our grab-and-go cleanses are a great way to start out the New Year! They are the best way to press the reset button on your body and reset your digestive system and receptors. Our Grab n Gos are pressed juices you can drink on the go,” commented Mark. 

Mark and his family will continue to grow locations in 2020. The three locations under construction will open soon and the ultimate goal will include ten locations. “I have to give credit to my wife first; she is the one that first heard about Néktǝr and encouraged me to open one, which has turned into opening ten!” laughed Mark.

For more information, please visit or visit one of the Sarales’ locations: 211 Lincoln Center, Stockton or 2001 McHenry Ave., Suite N, Modesto.