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Chill Out With Fresh Flavors From Velvet Grill

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One of my oldest memories of visiting Velvet Grill, known as Velvet Creamery back then, as a child was enjoying the ice cream, specifically the gumball ice cream. Thankfully, as I have matured over the years, my palate has too. It’s no longer craving the gumball ice cream, but moving on to more developed flavors such as apricot and toasted coconut. During my pregnancy with Kenzie, I would sneak in after a long work day and enjoy a scoop of the coconut ice cream, savoring the flakes of coconut toasted to perfection and coming to life in this frozen treat. When the opportunity came to visit Velvet Grill and feature the ice cream, I was beside myself with excitement.

In 2009, owner Kirk Smith began to make ice cream in response to the struggling economy of 2008. The goal was to raise the quality while lowering some of the cost by making the ice cream in house. Kirk shared, “We used to buy the ice cream we sold in the restaurants and after doing some research, I traveled back east to Ice Cream University!” After returning from Ice Cream University, Kirk made the decision to make high-end ice cream, developing flavors from fresh and locally sourced ingredients. It turned out that his approach was more expensive than buying it as he had been doing in the past. But, luckily for us, he stuck with it and the public took notice of the fresh flavors; they could taste the difference and the ice cream side of the business flourished.

Kirk has owned the three locations of Velvet Grill, in Galt, Lodi and Modesto, with a partner since 1990. He noted that each location makes their own ice creams and develops their own flavors. The reasoning behind their practice is that it keeps the ice cream fresh, and we all know that fresh is better! “After getting down the basics of making ice cream, developing flavors has been fairly easy, “Kirk continued. “We love the feedback we get from our customers and we love watching them enjoy our specialty-made ice cream flavors.”

Velvet Grill has three locations serving the Central Valley: Galt, Lodi and Modesto. Whether you take the kids for a special treat, perhaps gumball ice cream or another kid favorite, cookies and cream, or you sneak away for your own guilty pleasure, your taste buds will thank you! ■

Visit Velvet Grill in Lodi at 1432 S. Ham Lane; in Modesto at 2204 McHenry  Avenue or 3250 Dale Road; and in Galt at 400 4th Street.