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Buds Seafood Grille

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Located in Stockton’s vibrant Lincoln Center, Bud’s Seafood Grille is an oasis for people looking for delicious food made honestly.

The Millsaps family, Bud, Jeanne and their son, Matt, have an impressive reputation in the area and they are committed to keeping it. In fact, Bud’s Seafood Grille has been serving up the area’s best seafood and more for 23 years and counting. Bud explained that one of his secrets to longevity has been their commitment to create simple foods using fresh ingredients.

Fresh veggies, when in season, are the featured stars of many dishes on the menu. There really is something for everyone at Bud’s. Even though there is plenty of seafood, there are other non-seafood options, as you’ll read later.

No matter what kinds of foods you favor, you can be assured that everything at Bud’s is made from scratch using whole ingredients and crafted to perfection. On the day we went in for our tasting, we were treated to a fantastic sampling of a variety of dishes. Read on for a tasty description of our yummy experience.

Ultimate BLT
The Shady Lady tomatoes featured in this perfect BLT had just been loaded off the truck that carried them in from the Linden farm where they were grown. So much flavor in every bite! Delicious tomatoes, with eight perfect slices of apple-smoked bacon and fresh lettuce on the softest bread. Wow. This BLT is pretty much the most perfect BLT that ever was. Just an FYI–you should get to Bud’s soon for this treat. Here’s your fair warning: this sandwich is only available summer through late October, but of course that all depends on the season.

Chicken Marsala
Heaven! This is now my favorite dish at Bud’s. I started by being in love with the clam chowder served up at Bud’s. A friend introduced me to that and I enjoyed it so much that I ordered it for years before I tried something else. I then moved up to Bud’s Beef, which is still a favorite (as is the chowder), and then to the perfect halibut dishes, but I had never ordered the chicken Marsala. Well, lucky me, because Bud served it for the tasting and I fell in love. I never ordered it because I suppose I thought chicken Marsala was the same most anywhere. Nope. That is no longer true. Bud’s has the best, most flavorful, tender, juiciest chicken Marsala I have tasted. Like most of his recipes, this one has been around for a while–about 30 years. You know, just long enough to be perfected! The artichoke hearts and button mushrooms add so much to this wonderful dish. Please make it to Bud’s and order this; you will not be disappointed!

Clam Chowder
Sourdough bread bowl of clam chowder deliciousness! This is the first dish at Bud’s that kept me coming back for more. The clam chowder recipe has been around for 35 years. It is filled with so many clams. I know that should be an obvious no-brainer, but sadly it isn’t. Not everyone serves up a true clam chowder. Bud’s does! The presentation of the one ordered in the bread bowl is just gorgeous! I always love how it looks, and I love that the top slice of the bread is sprinkled with cheese. So, so good.

Bud’s Beef Salad
It is the most tender, flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth piece of beef! I love this dish too. You can order Bud’s beef as a salad, entree or appetizer. In this case we enjoyed it with a house made blue cheese dressing, greens and veggies for a summer explosion of all nature’s bounty. Okay, so I guess I have gushed over every dish, but that’s the point: you just can’t go wrong at Bud’s. Everything is so good!

On Sundays, Bud’s offers a delicious brunch; it’s quite popular, so reservations are recommended. Happy Hour is offered daily from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. There’s also a banquet room available for up to 40 guests for more private affairs. HLM

Bud’s Seafood Grille is located at 314 Lincoln Center, Stockton, California. You can call for reservations at (209) 956-0270, find them online at and look for them on social media.