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Bud’s Seafood Grille: New Room and New Dishes Create New Excitement

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Most local Stocktonians hold high regard for Bud’s Seafood Grille, the Lincoln Center staple. With a respectable 26 years serving up our freshest seafood favorites, Bud’s is the spot for Stockton regulars. Bud’s has grown in such great popularity that a front room addition was in need. Construction began this summer and came to completion in December; this addition never stopped Bud’s customers, as they would come in, peer around at the changes and step over the odds and ends left from the expansion. Construction has finally come to an end and customers have extra space in the bar area to sip artisan cocktails and snack on savory appetizers. 

As a perk of the job, we were treated to the two latest cocktail additions, the Crimson Tide, a watermelon margarita with tequila, Cointreau, Rose’s lime, sweet and sour and watermelon pucker, followed by the Blue Lagoon peach rum punch, made of Malibu rum, peach schnapps, Ketel Citron, pineapple, cranberry and blue curaçao.

With help from Bud and Jeanne’s son, Matt, new menu items have made their debut to accompany the renovation. Matt added that they’re keeping the staples that they are known for but adding new touches and approaching dishes with a few new spins.

The appetizers are a must-have, with the Italian sourdough bread bowl heaping with little button mushrooms and brimming with a brown stroganoff-styled gravy; big fat chunks of soft sourdough sitting to the side soaking up all that gravy are just the ticket for these cold Central Valley evenings. It was pure delight, sipping my craft cocktail in the new lounge and soaking up sourdough! On a lighter note, Matt brought their on-trend take on Brussels sprouts out to the party; they’re traditional, crispy, with house-made ranch dip, served up in the right bite size, topped with bacon and a sprinkle of salt. 

After our lounge area experience, we were dazzled with two dishes that are seemingly simple but held layers of flavors that I was not expecting. The Blackened Mahi Sandwich is pan-seared Mahi topped with a new crispy, fresh-styled house slaw and garlic aioli, all on a daily-delivered ciabatta roll that melds with the crispy warm fish, making it the perfect bite all the way through. Following up that show was the Cajun Shrimp Sandwich, which had a similar presentation, only made with giant fried Cajun Prawns that had me swept away. Both are served with their new julienned fries, which are thin, light, crispy and easy to get your ketchup on!

As always, Bud’s never disappoints. Great food, great atmosphere and the new arm room in the lounge are great for this Friday night.

Visit Bud’s Seafood Grille at 314 Lincoln Center, Stockton, California, or call 209-956-0270.

Written by: Dee Yates