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At Brix and Hops, It’s All about the Beer

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Rotating 30 craft beers on tap, Jeff Daniel and Carrie Gooding of Brix and Hops in Downtown Lodi are introducing patrons to upcoming small batch breweries, trendy craft brews and new flavors that will leave your palate wanting more! As more women are penetrating the male-dominated world of beer, women account for 37 percent of craft beer consumption; among women ages 18 to 34, beer has become the first choice when it comes to alcoholic beverages. As the weather warms up, pull up a stool at the bar or snag a seat on the patio and enjoy some of the tantalizing flavors these Reds, Blondes and Brunettes have to offer!

The Racy Reds
Ranging from an amber hue to deeper red tones, this style of beer can range in flavors while remaining balanced and smooth. Spilling from the tap on my visit to Brix and Hops was Morgan Territory’s Silo Rider. A red India Pale Ale, or IPA, with robust flavors of malt and hops, the bitter flavor can be an acquired taste for a novice craft beer enthusiast.

The Bountiful Brunettes
Dark, smooth, strong and stout: these are the words that best describe this lineup of lovely brunette brews! Jeff poured The Gypsy from East Cliff, a Scottish ale by the name of Sneaky Peat, a bourbon barrel-aged brew from Twelve Rounds, a snifter filled with 2nd Conversation from Discretion Brewery and, served in a tulip glass, he shared Serpent’s Stout from The Lost Abbey. I wanted a 2nd date after tasting the 2nd Conversation. The aroma hinted of chocolate undertones; the flavor was rich while leaving a surprisingly smooth finish.

The Blissful Blondes
Having more fun, we turned to the blondes for lighter flavors and citrus finishes. Jeff poured a darker blonde, Kid Casual from Device Brewing Co. Golden in color, with light malt flavors with minimal bitterness and a dry finish, this beer was full of flavor for a lighter brew. Skimming over the top of the pint glass, I also enjoyed the Markley Cove from Berryessa Brewing Co, an American Pale Ale that was light in color yet satisfying. Exuding a tropical aroma, this beer was a perfect finish to a warm spring afternoon.