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Style Your Home Like an Interior Designer

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Q: Do you have some tips for those like me who aren’t quite ready to hire an interior designer but still want a beautiful home? 

A: Of course! Let’s spotlight five areas of your home.

The Foyer
Wallpaper is trending right now and in a big way! This is because there are so many beautiful wallpaper patterns available. If you aren’t ready to commit to wallpapering every room in your house, putting wallpaper in your foyer can truly make that entrance to your home stand out and welcome your guests. Look for large-patterned wallpaper in a geometric print or floral pattern to get all sorts of compliments on your designer prowess. 

The Living Room
Most folks these days are going for solid-surface flooring, forgoing the wall-to-wall broadloom carpet; the best inspiration for your entire living room design could start with a large area rug. Look for durable wool or polypropylene fibers for pet- and kid-friendly styles. Many designers start their design from the floor up. By starting with the area rug, you can pull colors for paint, furniture and accessories, making the whole room feel pulled together.

The Dining Room
It’s difficult for some homeowners to figure out how to design their open-concept kitchen/dining room/family room because there are no walls to delineate the space. We like to define the dining room with a large chandelier or pendant. Look for one with distinct layers of lighting. Place this light fixture over a big, chunky dining room table with upholstered chairs. This clearly marks an area of the multi-purpose room as “dining” and makes family dinner time special.

The Kitchen
In our latest kitchen remodel, the homeowner commented, “Well, I guess stainless steel is the only option for appliances.” Luckily for her, and now for you, white appliances with the most fabulous handles and knobs in bronze, gold, black and stainless steel are all the rage. The white finish looks like glass and at an affordable price point, your kitchen can look unique. 

The Bedroom
Ditch those bifold closet doors or bypass mirrored closet doors for barn doors. But when I say barn doors, I don’t mean a wood that looks like an old barn. I mean barn-door-style hardware with a standard style door. You’ll need to have the space on at least one side of the closet to stack the doors, but it can create a chic vibe.

Before becoming an interior designer, Kathleen Jennison worked as certified public accountant for a national firm. A near-fatal car accident changed her career path and life forever. She suffered serious brain injuries, and her doctors suggested she take art classes to help with her rehabilitation. With her newfound love for design, she studied at the Art Institute in Sacramento, obtaining her bachelor’s degree in interior design. She is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and has served as the director of marketing for the National Association of Remodelers for the Greater Sacramento area. In 2009, she started KTJ Design Company.