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Spring Forward with Stylish Door and Window Choices

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Q: I’m thinking about replacing my front door with something more contemporary. How should I get started?
A: Visit our showroom and our sales staff can show you multiple options and help in making your door selections. Here you will be able to touch and feel and make your selection based on size, material, availability and price. Once a door style is selected, Doors Plus can work up an estimate and handle installation.   

Q: The windows in my home were original to the house. What are the new, energy-efficient options to replace them with?
A: Energy-efficient windows are an important consideration for both new and existing homes. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25 percent to 30 percent of residential heating and cooling energy use. All of your major window manufacturers are providing their product with energy-efficient glass to meet California’s Title 24 energy efficiency requirements. This requires all windows to be dual paned, low E 366 glass with argon fill. If a higher energy efficiency is required, then there are options for that, but here in the Valley most often it is not necessary.

Q: If my home requires any custom adjustments, can Doors Plus help with special designs?
A: One of Door Plus’s greatest assets is the fact that we are able to handle a wide scope of customizations that other big box stores can’t offer. From unique sizes to special modifications, Doors Plus is able to accommodate special designs and custom modifications. 

Written by: Jason Meyers

Jason Meyers, Nick Meyers and the Doors Plus team have served the San Joaquin County area since 1984. “What is considered custom at the big box home improvement stores is standard to us because everything we do here is custom,” Jason says. Doors Plus offers a full line of doors, windows, hardware and accessories, as well as an extensive selection of patio, interior and custom entry doors in numerous styles and materials, including metal, glass, ornamental iron and a variety of wood species.