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Non-Toxic Window Treatment Options for Chemically Conscious Interiors

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As more and more people struggle with chemical sensitivities that directly impact their interior design, decor and furnishing choices, we are excited to offer our clients several safe, non-toxic solutions for their window treatment needs. With these materials, there’s no more off-gassing and no more questionable chemicals in the hard or soft materials.

Q: Why should I look at non-toxic materials?
A: Clients frequently ask, “Is my house making my family ill?” In this era, it’s a valid and concerning question. Wondering if your home is the cause of illness is no way to live, and that’s why we are serious about offering GREENGUARD® Certified options for the beauty and privacy of your space. Below is a brief sampling of our non-toxic offerings, and we hope they inspire you to reduce the toxic load of your home or office space without forsaking style.

Non-Toxic Drapery Fabric
Because soft materials are just as prone to off-gassing as hard materials are, we make sure the drapery materials sourced for your project meet the same certifications as our hard treatments. Clean, healthy living is quite literally a beautiful thing!

Non-Toxic Shades and Blinds
Shades are minimal and crisp, offering the perfect window covering for the modern home. They can be paired with drapery, cornices or used alone. Shades are highly customizable with a bevy of textures, colors and trim accents available. 

Design Trend
Bare windows are out! Windows without coverings make any space look unfinished. If you’re looking for a designer, high-end aesthetic, consult with a window treatment expert on the best window treatments for each room in your home.

Designer Tip: Meet GREENGUARD
If you want non-toxic home furnishings, look no further than the GREENGUARD Certification. You can read more about the standards and qualifications by going to KTJ Design Co offers a wide selection of certified upholstery and window treatment products.

Written by: Kathleen Jennison 

Before becoming an interior designer, Kathleen Jennison worked as certified public accountant for a national firm. A near-fatal car accident changed her career path and life forever. She suffered serious brain injuries, and her doctors suggested she take art classes to help with her rehabilitation. With her newfound love for design, she studied at the Art Institute in Sacramento, obtaining her bachelor’s degree in interior design. She is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and has served as the director of marketing for the National Association of Remodelers for the Greater Sacramento area. In 2009, she started KTJ Design Company.