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Interior Designers Help Busy People Live and Work in Their Dream Spaces!

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Q: I would love to renovate or redecorate part of my home, but I just don’t have the time!
A: We hear this often, and that’s why we’re in business. We tend to work with homeowners who have packed schedules, careers, kids or grandkids. The last thing they want to do when they have a free day is put together shopping lists or try to schedule tradespeople. They are aware that they don’t know what their options are, and while they’d love to flex their creativity, they aren’t sure if what they want is even possible. In truth, unless your dream is to build a home on Mars, it’s likely possible.

There is something about adulthood that makes us forget to dream. We start thinking logistically. How much will that cost? How much time will it take? will I be able to see it through from beginning to end, and, most of all, will I actually like the end result? These are excellent questions, and honestly, quite valid concerns. Here’s how we can help.

Stay on Schedule
Whether you are completing a one-room makeover, a full remodel or a new build, every project has an ideal timeline. Tradespeople need to be scheduled for the appropriate dates, backorders and change orders need to be accounted for as well as other project hiccups that will almost always occur.

We take this burden off your brain by managing the entire project. We’ll still loop you in where it matters, but we won’t bog you down with the plumber’s packed schedule or that out-of-stock wallpaper order. Plus, we’ll create solutions before presenting you with any problems. You’ll get to enjoy the design process and look forward to reveal day. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Stay on Budget
Your budget, large or small, is a thing to be respected. Unfortunately, sometimes homeowners opt for the cheapest retail options when they really need something worthy of investment. When those items have to be replaced a year later or end up looking, well, cheap, homeowners can feel a bit betrayed.

Stay True to Yourself
We counter this by helping you determine where the majority of your budget should be spent, keeping resale value, function and quality as top priorities. With your remaining budget, we can focus on the less intense facets of the project, such as sourcing the perfect area rug or dining set from our trusted vendors.

Do you want your home to look like every other home on Instagram? Maybe for a day, but not for a year. Trends fade quickly and can also make you feel like you’re living in someone else’s house. That backsplash looked so pretty on Pinterest, but it doesn’t suit your kitchen as you’d hoped it would. Your curbless, tiled shower feels spacious, but it lacks enough niches and ledges to make it functional.

We address this by studying you, your family and how you intend to use each space. We aren’t afraid to think outside the box, transforming rarely used rooms in your house from drab to your next favorite hangout spot. Design rules were meant to be broken. Not all trends were meant to be followed. We’ll help you sort through the design noise to discover who you really are and how that should translate in your home.

Written by: Kathleen Jennison

Before becoming an interior designer, Kathleen Jennison worked as a certified public accountant for a national firm. A near-fatal car accident changed her career path and life forever. She suffered serious brain injuries, and her doctors suggested she take art classes to help with her rehabilitation. With her newfound love for design, she studied at the Art Institute in Sacramento, obtaining her bachelor’s degree in interior design. She is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and has served as the director of marketing for the National Association of Remodelers for the Greater Sacramento area. In 2009, she started KTJ Design Company.