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Elements of the Perfect In-Home Bar: Enjoy Coffee, Wine and Cocktails at Home

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With the holiday season upon us, nothing says “Welcome!” to your guest like the perfect mixed drink. From after-dinner cocktails to early morning espresso, you can have it all at the push of a button from the bartender who knows you best—you! 

In-home bars are growing in popularity, and for good reason. If you’re curious whether your home lends itself to an in-home bar, follow these designer tips to get a full-fledged bar in your entertainment space or a mini version tucked discreetly into your kitchen or dining area.

Determine the Function
Do you want an in-home bar for two? Or do you prefer a full bar that can accommodate your lavish gatherings? There is no wrong answer. Some of our clients prefer one of each, reserving one for all coffee-related beverages in their main kitchen and a more complete, robust version elsewhere in their home or pool house.

Choose a Space
Square footage and accessibility are essential factors when deciding where to put your home bar. The space must accommodate the average number of people who will be accessing it at once; this could be just you or you and ten friends. The space should also be conveniently located; think poolside or adjacent to your breakfast nook.

Find Your Style
Your home bar should flow with the rest of your space effortlessly while sporting as many, or as few, of the accessories and accoutrements you need. Rather than sending you traipsing back and forth across your kitchen for a mug and creamer, your bar should be stocked with every element necessary to brew or mix your favorite beverage, and it should be aesthetically pleasing all the while. Floating shelves, discreet coolers and appliance garages are great options.

Design Trend
Outdoor bars are mixing it up! If your home includes a much-used pool, consider an outdoor kitchen and bar located conveniently near your favorite place to splash and relax.

Design Tip
If you opt for a mini bar, place it somewhere between your main kitchen and most-used living area. You shouldn’t have to be in full-chef mode to grab a good drink.

Written by: Kathleen Jennison

Kathleen Jennison is a former CPA turned designer who helps busy, high-achieving families with children who want sophisticated design through The Meticulous Design Method. Through my process, we audit every detail so you can have function and durability in a beautiful space that reflects your unique accomplishments. She can be reached at (209) 932-9801 or